Dynamic Call Tracking and Analytics

PPC Pay Per Click Service

Dynamic Call Tracking and Analytics

Know Your Visitor

This is the most advanced dynamic reporting package for calls on the market that will focus your marketing and save you money.

Here’s how it works:

With Aim Social’s ground-breaking call tracking service you can easily track where calls from your print, online, radio or TV advertising are coming from.

Using a pool of dynamic numbers each visitor to your website is served a unique trackable phone number.

As this is a unique reference based on their IP it allows our advanced software to learn what visitors do straight away.

This includes the source where they came from (great for SEO/PPC knowledge), and what pages they navigate to on the visit, and if they return to your website what they do then, all this data is captured in our analytics program.

Clever software:

The software that runs our dynamic call analytics service will log each call with a detailed report which shows the path through the website and at what point they made your call, perhaps some pages you learn make people pick up the phone quicker than others, wouldn’t it be useful for you and your marketing agency to know this? Call tracking offers just that kind of granular analytical data.

Integrate with analytics:

The Aim Social platform can also link with your Google analytics account so we can see what words and terms people used to find your site from PPC and organic traffic.

This is useful for working out optimisation strategies and where you are potentially going to make more money or save cash in the future.

The process

We first ask all our clients to fill in a Digital Marketing Health Check questionnaire, we then assign each of our divisions to generate a report back to ascertain what gaps are there and what opportunities are present.

We offer packages and bespoke options to deliver work and schedule our delivery dependent on your needs.

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