Content Marketing and Creation

Content Marketing and Creation

Content Marketing and Creation

Whatever business you are in, the new (and best) way to generate new business is not to sell, sell, sell, it’s to tell, tell, tell.

We work on what can only be described as your unique telling points.

The nuggets of gold that truly define and differentiate your business from your competition.

How do we find stories to tell?

We have a clear process that we go through where we learn about your business and in the questions we ask and the method we go about it, we work out where stories can be developed and delve a little deeper where needed to bring out the juicy stuff that we can use.

In our experience all businesses are sitting on high quality stories that should be told.

This can be one or any combination of the following:

Past case studies that will mean the world to new businesses interested in your services or products if presented at the right time in the right manner/medium.

Ongoing stories about what your organisation is doing in general, opinion, fun, general news, competitions, charity fundraising…the list goes on.

Expert content that shows that you are the guys to speak to such as visually via infographics, PR in local or national press that you re-purpose.

Testimonial type content of happy clients and why the recommend you.

And very high quality video production which may be in the form of interviews, advert style content or animated explanations of hard to grasp concepts. We can help you in all areas.

The process

We first ask all our clients to fill in a Digital Marketing Health Check questionnaire, we then assign each of our divisions to generate a report back to ascertain what gaps are there and what opportunities are present.

We offer packages and bespoke options to deliver work and schedule our delivery dependent on your needs.

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